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Cognitive body psychotherapy

Internal systems improvement method,
elimination of limiting beliefs and emotions
Cognitive body psychotherapy (CBP) – is a system for complex adjustment of the psyche via influencing the short-term memory, internal monologue and muscles spasms.

Body-oriented psychotherapy – a field of psychotherapy dealing with problems and neurosis through body contact.
I stage, preparation:

1. Elimination of all muscles' spasms. It's important to keep all parts of your body relaxed: the eyes, jaw, throat, chest, diaphragm, belly and the bowl. This can be achieved through body-oriented psychotherapy of Reich or Lowen in 7 days at best, exercising 10-20 minutes a day. Or through 5-10 sessions of full-body massage.

2. Muscles' spasms prevention. One session of full-body message a week or body-oriented practices at home. Even if your life-style is perfect new spasms appear every week. It's important to sleep in right position on your back or some of the spasms will return. It's important to maintain focus during the day: feeling support, keeping your back straight, being relaxed.

II stage, living in the moment:

1. Noticing. When you keep your current goal in your head you can notice a moment when you start to harm yourself. It may be excuses, inaction, negative emotions, etc. It's important to notice it in time and apply the three following steps.

2. Centering. Breath in – find your balance. Breath out – relax. We have explained it in the chapter "Mindfullness". You will find video demo in bonus materials*.

3. Forgetting. We're trying to forget what prevents us from feeling good or working on our goal. Try to forget this thought by not thinking it. Direct your attention away from it. You need to push out current thoughts from your short-term memory, forget everything except your current action.

4. Shutting down the internal monologue. You need to stop all your thoughts. It will help to push out (forget) the distracting thought. The intensity of the destructive emotion will decline.
The author of cognitive body psychotherapy is Ilya Vladimirovich Volochkov. It was firstly published in 2018 (A Realist's Diary: the book about money, relationship and the meaning of life).