Academy of Troublehacking (IAT)

Systematic hedonism

Pleasures management system that constitutes a separate doctrine but used in Troublehacking as a method for internal systems development.
Systematic hedonism (joy management) is a philosophical doctrine designed to increase the productivity of life through pleasures systematization.

Pleasures Menu is a systematized list of activities that bring pleasure to individuals. The Menu is used daily for pleasures selection.
1. Systematic hedonism divides pleasures into harmful (alcohol, smoking, computer addictions and others) and healthy (not harmful).

2. Pleasures Menu includes only healthy pleasures that are not harmful and don't need resources.

3. With the course of time healthy pleasures make life better and launch a Life Vector towards self-development without any efforts because a person is always aiming for pleasures.

4. Gradually, healthy pleasures can drive out harmful ones. Instead, a person becomes immune to new harmful addictions. Harmful addictions are no longer needed because intensity and diversity of healthy pleasures surpass them.
1. You have to receive from one to three healthy pleasures from your Pleasures Menu every day.

2. Turn all spheres of life into the source of healthy pleasures. Work with pleasure, study with pleasure, socialize with pleasure.

3. Keep your Pleasures Menu close and reread it regularly.

4. Add new items to your Pleasures Menu.

5. Pleasures should improve life, not make it worse. Stay away from harmful addictions. Avoid people who force harmful addictions on you.

6. Improve your health. The better shape you are, the more pleasure you can get.

7. Forget everything while you're deriving pleasure. There is only present moment of pleasure, that's it. Focus on the feelings, visual images and sounds.

8. When deriving pleasure stay on the target of getting the maximum of pleasant feelings.

9. Derive pleasure only in the real world. Avoid all kinds of virtual pleasures.

10. When deriving pleasure put aside all your gadgets. Turn off your phone and shut down your laptop. There shouldn't be any distractions.

11. Form relationships on the basis of mutual hedonism and you will have the key to their hearts. Mutual pleasure will bond you with any person.
Master level is distinguished by a non-standard approach. With a Basic Level you are a consumer, but with a Master Level you invent everything on your own.

Currently, master level of systemic hedonism contains 4 instruments:

1. Contrast Method
Purposefully limit regular pleasures for a short period of time to enjoy them more.

2. Mind Blown Method
Do unusual things without planning. You need to brake away from standard behavior, stop doing what you've been doing and do something unusual.

3. Chameleon Method
The main point of this method is to turn you into another human being. Someone you would never be. Become a hobo, a handicapped person, a kebab seller, a cook, a decker, a seaman, a miner, a migrant worker…

4. Time Machine Method
Create a full map of the most vivid memories and relieve the most pleasant of them.
Systematic hedonism in general and its master level in particular has one peculiar quality. Your subjective perception of time changes. One days seems like many days. That's because your brain notices more new information. It perceives more events and you start to feel like time is slowing down.
Basic Pleasure Menu
for systematic hedonism
For body
1. Sauna and banya.
2. Professional steam room.
3. Beach, bathing.
4. Different kinds of massage.
5. Spa-procedures.
6. Hot shower or bath.
7. Jacuzzi.
8. Pool.
Personal interactions
1. Meeting with like-minded people and conversing about interesting topics.
2. Meeting with family.
3. Board games with friends (Mafia, chess, Monopoly, etc.)
4. Night club.
5. House party.
6. Mate tea party with friends.
7. Chinese tea party.
8. Basket lunch.
For adults
1. Hugs and sext with your SO.
2. All kinds of sexual experiments.
3. Tantric sex.
4. One-night stands.
5. Picking up on girls/boys.
6. Usual dates.
7. Swing clubs.
8. Strip-tease and erotic massage.
Small things
1. Favorite music
2. Tea, coffee
3. Cinema, theatre, concerts.
4. Museum, exhibitions.
5. Amusement park.
6. Looking through old photos.
7. Playing with your pet.
Hobby and sport
1. Courses and seminars of interest.
2. Dances (with partners, i.e. salsa, hustle, kizomba, bachata).
3. Yoga and Qigong.
4. Singing and karaoke.
5. Composing.
6. Painting.
7. Studying anything with a microscope.
8. Looking at stars with a telescope.
9. Jogging in the city.
10. Going to gym.
11. Box and other combat sports.
12. Paintball and lasertag (teaming up with friends).
13. Sport games (football, basketball).
1. Helping stray dogs and cats.
2. Helping foster homes.
3. Volunteering for good causes.
4. Writing and publishing useful articles on the internet.
5. Recording videos for your vlog.
Riding activities
1. Quad biking in the wilderness.
2. Skateboarding, rollerblading, cycling.
3. Riding on self-balancing scooters, hoveboards, etc.
4. Horse riding.
5. Snowboarding or skiing.
6. Skidooing in the wilderness.
7. Ice sliding (in winter).
8. Parachute jumps.
9. Helicopter rides.
10. Car races.
11. Go-karting.
12. Buggy races in the cross country.
Active rest
1. Hunting and fishing.
2. Rock climbing.
3. Mountaineering (conquering Elbrus and other mountains).
4. Caveology.
5. Shooting gallery.
6. Going for a walk in the rain.
7. Bungee and rope jumping.
8. Rafting.
9. Diving.
10. Skysurfing.
11. Wingsuit flying.
12. Hot air ballooning.
13. Trampolining.
14. Zorbing.
15. Paragliding.
16. Jet plane rides.
17. Space tourism.
18. Zero gravity flights.
19. Flying on a fighter aircraft into the stratosphere.
20. Parachute jumps from the stratosphere.
1. Walking in the city.
2. Living outside the city.
3. Exploring abandoned and mysterious places.
4. Boat trip.
5. One day hike with a tent.
6. One day trip to the nearest city.
7. Rafting and hiking.
8. Motorhome traveling.
9. Hitchhiking.
10. Taking a random trip and coming back from it.
11. Traveling as a hobo (without money).
12. Couchsurfing.
13. Geocaching.
14. Active urban games Encounter.
15. Expeditions and excavations.
16. Expeditions to the North and South poles.
17. Traveling to a new country on a bicycle, bike or car.
The author of systematic hedonism (joy-management) is Ilya Vladimirovich Volochkov. The theory of systematic hedonism was firstly published in 2018 [The Realist Diary: the book about money, relationships and the meaning of life].